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Seven golden tips about makeup and cosmetic
Seven golden tips about makeup and cosmetic

Seven golden tips about makeup and cosmetic


Seven golden tips about makeup and cosmetic :

Seven golden tips about makeup and cosmetic

Seven golden tips about makeup and cosmetic

Here, We infer seven simple rules in this context.

1. Common use is forbidden

Sharing Cosmetics with intimate friends or with Strange Customers of Saloon and somebody that use of cosmetics testing box in store, is one of the simplest ways of bacteria distribution.Use of other people may afflict you Sore cold simply.There are a lot of catching to edema and dry lips. But the most dangerous products are eye cosmetics.

Common use of mascara, or other eye cosmetics can produce eyelid itch and redness and ever worse than , make catching to louse eyelash. If you Want test a Cosmetic produce in Store, certainly use of a separate brush or even take along with you one or two cotton Swabs and use products.

2.Throw off Old Cosmetics.

ls your drawer full of Semi-use cosmetics?

Throw off them soon. Preservatives in cosmetics loss of property to overtime and products rot. Old products make edema and itch. If you want your cosmetics have more life, you Should take Out of them in a Cool place and away from light and Suddenly heat. Putting Cosmetics in Car, Specially in Summer season Corrupt them fast. Many of Cosmetics have expiration date, that are Variable of Six months to a year. Smelling of cosmetics is an excellent Way for testing quality. If color and quality of product changed and specially it hadn’t usual Smell, this matter isn’t appropriate for using.

3. Change Cosmetics applicator. Every cosmetics products add to face with a tool Such as powder paddings, Sponge tip pencils, eye shadow, mascara brush and eye liner pencil. These applicators should change frequently or we should wash and dry and use again theme because bacteria remain and replicate and in other time, they’ll comeback to your eye or face. It is better change foundation Sponges every week, eye Cosmetics brushes every month or with child shampoo or light Soap to be washed and dried.

4. Our mouth have different bacteria that their existence in mouth haven’t problems but these bacteria shouldn’t transfer on eye. Adding normal water to Cosmetic is forbidden. Water can dilute preservatives in products and in this way, microbes in these materials will grow and cause eye infection.

5.Close their doors.

Many of cosmetics have preservatives that destroy bacteria and increase product useful life. But as soon as this product is opened and stay on exposed to the external environment, are attacked by microbe and bacteria. This condition reduces product useful life or Stay on exposed to bacteria that preservatives can’t verify with them. What ever door of this product is opened and closed more or its door to be open, more Organism enter it. So close door of Cosmetics and hygienic utensils.

 6. Recognize natural cosmetics.

Cosmetics that offer with natural title, usually is suitable for people,that have sensitive Skin or allergic or those that doesn’t like use of chemical materials. But these products haven’t a chemical preservative, naturally have a shorter life than chemical products.

7.Clean your face before sleeping.

When Sleep, rest to your skin and eye lashes. If you remain mascara on eye lashes, may maScara Crush and enter your eyes and cause eyes and eyelids redness and itch. A simple Washing and cleaning makeup program at night can guarantee that you Wake up with internal external happiness and doesn’t appear of red eyes and inflated Skin in your face.

Seven golden tips about makeup and cosmetic 


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