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Several poniter to maintain the beauty
Golden tips to maintain beauty

Several poniter to maintain the beauty

Several poniter to maintain the beauty:

*-Some points that you should observe for beauty.

Being beautiful and Staying is a wish for every woman. Here we note some points that we should avoid for keeping beauty.

1) Hair drying with a towel
Hair is Sensitive and fragile when it is wet. Outermost layers of skin are more Sensitive when they are wet, too.
So at this time don’t try, dry your head with a towel because in a short time bifurcate end of hair your head. It is better, put hair in a towel pocket, until with this way dry them.

2) Use of past history Creams and cosmetics
If you use of past history cream and cosmetics, on your skin breaks out and causes itch. Because these materials have a short credit. These creams after expiry are good places for growing of bacteria and microbe. So Soon as possible, throw away all sizes have past history Cream even if you are Sorry for it.

3) Taking care of skin, Successive and ongoing
Extensive use of skin care products, make more sensitive your skin. So at first test past history cosmetics and creams, this is our suggestion that use more of natural materials.

4) Woven hair
When Weave your head hair try, do not wrap firm, your Woven knots. Because your head hair will be hurt, so weave knots looser and use of hair clip accusing allowed.

5) Nail polish handing without use of nail presser native

Handle nail polish before nail applying to preservative, gradually pales your nails.
And your nails miss their beauty. A line of preservative will be nutritious of your nail and Cover your nail unevens.

6) Pop Subcutaneous black head pimples
Your fingers are a microbe source and this causes place infection. For this work use of clean napkin or gauze and then with an applying cotton to face lotion clean the place.

7) Clean face mask with Water
Cleaning face mask with water reduce effect of, so it is better clean our with make up

8) Use of lotion without hair removal.

This work Causes Stain in skin because this cream synthesize with pollution. So hair removal out before lotion.

9)Organize eye lashes with fingers.

This work cause broken and detachment of eye lash. So it is better we use special eye lash brushes.

10)Hair removal every day.

This work has a vice versa effect, means skin becomes thicker So once a week is enough.

11. Use of Sun Screen in beach

After 30 Cream becomes useless and if skin in this time stay on exposed to Sun, burns.

12)Nail polish handling immediately after take a bath warm water Swells nail to a certain extent . If you handle nail polish separate of your nail…So after take a bath handle nail polish no immediate after it.

13)Sleeping after make up your face.

Results :Skin breaks out, skin stains, skin seems to be tired. So it isn’t important how much are you tired, clean your makeup before sleeping, certainly .

14)Long and hot bath

This work causes dry your skin. Bath shouldn’t last more than 10 minutes and more than 39 C. Eventually get used to after bathing, go cold water shower, this work causes your skin to be more fresh. After taking a shower, apply your body with lotion or special milk.

15)Biting your lips when they are dry.

This work Scotch your lips. So with a special and soft brush grease your lips.

16) Daily use of electric hair and styling

This work damage to your hair because high temperature dries up hair and destroys the end of hair. Instead you can use sponge hair. Curlers, even sleep time.

17)If you are near sighted, don’t use of glasses

When you look into the distance, blink and this causes skin around eyes Shrivels, nowadays with new and diverse models of frames, it isn’t true, don’t use of glasses.

18)Eyes rubbing

Eyes rubbing causes your humor to be injured. It is better remove tired of your eyes around by yoga.

Several poniter to maintain the beauty

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